Beauty Mistakes You Must Avoid on Your First Date

First impressions matter a lot because they could mean the end or beginning of what can be a thrilling journey into love. You if you are a woman especially, you definitely must appreciate that the guy you are heading out to meet will be extremely keen on your appearance.

Thus there are several beauty mistakes that you should never ever be caught making when heading out for that first date:

1. Not trying at all!

Men love women who take the time and make the effort to look nice. Therefore, it is crucial to give the impression of a woman who really cares about her looks.

Ensure that your hair is done, nails are in shape and by all means, take the time to choose an appropriate outfit! While talking about hair, it's always better to have some ideas about cute hairstyles and you can find good inspiration from this post - 75 Cute & Cool Hairstyles for Girls – for Short, Long & Medium & Curly Hair

The worst thing you can do is to look unkempt-it is an instant turn-off.

2. Trying too much

Men's preferences will differ on what the right measure of makeup entails. However, anyone can usually tell when a woman has tried terribly hard and ended up failing at her beauty attempts for going overboard.

A date is not something to frown over, or buy tons and tons of makeup for. If anything, make-up is merely meant to compliment, not hide your real appearance! And remember the old saying, little is always more.

3. Not accompanying your outfit and makeup with a smile

You do not need to have the Scarlett Johansson smile for you to have your date smitten!

However, recent research shows that women would fare better at dates if they smiled more and men would do just right with a little brooding! Thus, aside from the nice outfit and makeup you have taken time to apply, flash a brilliant smile-it never goes wrong!

4. Leaving the house feeling uncomfortable

An uncomfortable person can rarely be a pleasant one. This applies to you even as you set out on that first date. Definitely, if you wear a dress that fits too snugly or shoes that are not of the right fit, you will not be comfortable. Thus, your date is bound to get the wrong impression of what your personality truly is.

5. Creating a personality that is far from who you really are!

Did you know that makeup and dressing actually tell a tale of your personality?

Well, this is true and thus when you are keen on giving the right impression, you have to be keen on the wholesome look you pull off. Even if your hair looks nice and your dress sucks for the setting, your impression could really be questioned.

Know who you are, the values you stand for and how best you can bring these out in your makeup and outfit.

Regardless of how much you want to try to look your best for that first date, remember that it does not have to be the start of a happily ever after! The one thing that you should aim at achieving is to have lots and lots of fun!

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Successful Plastic Surgeries on Celebrities

The reason why celebrities go in for plastic surgeries is there for all to see. At the end of the day, celebrities are always under the gaze of the public and therefore, they ought to take steps to look good at all points in time. Ageing is not an excuse for them to give up on looking good. In fact, only when they start ageing should you put in extra efforts to maintain their looks. Towards this objective, the role of plastic surgeries is considered to be very important. It has literally transformed the lives of many artistes and at the same time, it has brought to an end, many careers.

One of the veterans of Hollywood film industry Helen Hunt is a name that needs no introduction. He has a number of hits to his credit and therefore, has a huge fan following. However, as age started to catch up with her, she had no other reason but to go in for a complete course of plastic surgeries. According to the grapevine, she went through a full course of botox treatment. Nearing the age of 70, her face was full of wrinkles and lines and he thought that botox would help to remove them. While there is no doubt that the wrinkles and lines are no longer visible, her face looks frozen and dull, instead of looking fresh and young. Her earlier face with wrinkles is perhaps better, when compared to the new one. She has also undergone treatment around the eyes, which is referred to as blepheroplasty. It seemingly has worked well on her and her eyes certainly look younger and better.

Another woman actor who has scaled big heights of stardom in Hollywood is Joyce Meyer. She is around 54 years and has been one of the sexy and good looking actors of Hollywood. Having achieved reasonable levels of success in the film industry, she wanted to beat age with some well thought out surgical processes. She must have undergone a number of plastic surgeries, ranging from Rhinoplasty to botox injections and also a total course on facials. Her rhinoplasty surgery has made her nose narrower and sharper and has seemed to provide her, the desired results. However, not the same can be said of facials and botox treatments. Though it was worked in certain part of the face like her eyes, at some places the surgery looks quite obvious and artificial.

If you are a commoner, who wants to try plastic surgery, first and foremost, you have to realize that there is nothing such as trial in this operation. It costs a lot of money and you must get into it only when you are confident about the results. You should first find out whether you need a specific treatment or not. It would be wrong to jump the bandwagon, just because others are doing it.


How to Get Your Boyfriend to Find The Best Haircut For You

Well, much as women try to look hot and sexy for their own self-esteem, the men in their lives are also a huge aspect in these efforts. Men are motivated to pursue their women for intimacy based on their physical beauty; and the haircut a woman dots can never really be ignored easily.

Side part long hair

Some men pay lots of attention to  the style a woman wears on her head. Others frankly do not bother much. If you have noticed that your boyfriend falls in the first category and that he openly lets you know that your hairstyle does not cut it, you could nudge him into showing you the cut he would like to see on you.

Let him help you to choose a haircut from a catalog

A man who is free and open with you will not mind helping you to make a choice of the haircut that he thinks will be nice on you. There are several magazines that showcase different styles which your man could help you make a pick from. Remember though, to let him appreciate the kind of cuts that you would feel awkward to wear.

Ask him the celebrity hairstyle that smites him most

Many men like a woman for something unique in their physical attributes or inner beauty. In the case of a celebrity that the man does not relate with physically, he is just bound to be drawn to something in her physical appeal; it would be better for you if he is the kind of guy that is big on female hair!

If you want to please him with a nice hairstyle, ask him gently the celebrity whose style he really likes. Do add bits of your character when having this style done, though.

Involve him in your hairstyling regimens!

This is especially workable for the woman that likes to do her own hair. If you have tired of the style you are wearing, have your man help you trim it off. You might be surprised by the suggestions he makes on which ways to wear your hair! Be sure to have a large mirror at your disposal, though!

Ask him indirectly about other girls' hairstyles

This works best when you are out with your boyfriend. You could make subtle comments about the haircuts of the girls you see out there to have him comment about them. Do not apply too much pressure on him though; make it a fun, naughty and casual gossip about the girls you see. [Read - 62 Spectacular Scene Hairstyles For Short & Medium Hair]

All in all, the haircut you end up with ought to be something you are comfortable walking around in. If he suggests an outrageous style, work with your stylist on how to tone it down so that he can still spot a bit of craziness in the final outcome. Much as you wish to please him with your beauty, it should never be at the cost of your comfort. Nevertheless, it is worth the try if you want him to feast his eyes on you all evening!


How to Know If Your Ex Boyfriend Loves You

Does He Still Love MeDid you break up with your boyfriend? Are you not sure about your decision? Do you want to get him back? If your answers are yes, you can not just go to him and ask him to be your boyfriend again.

First you have to find out if he still loves you. You have to know how to read signs that you are getting from your ex-boyfriend.

There are 4 signs which can help you.

1-Did Your Ex-Boyfriend Want to Stay Friends After Break Up?

A man never wants to be friend with an ex-girlfriend who left him unless he still have feelings for her. If your ex-boyfriend is your friend after the break up, this is a very big sign that he still loves you. He wants to be your friend because he wants to know what is going on in your life.

That allows him to know when you have a new boyfriend. As long as he knows you are single, he will not get over you.

2-Do You Bump Into Your Ex-Boyfriend Often?

If your ex-boyfriend has feelings for you, then he will want to see you as much as possible. He will go to cafes you often go. He will try to find out where you start to go for dinner after you dumped him. If you are in same work place or in same school, he will find excuses to spend time with you. These moments are pretty good signs to be sure about your ex-boyfriend's feelings.

3-Did Your Ex-Boyfriend Have Any Dates After Break Up?

Men like to send messages to their ex-girlfriend by dating with someone. They think it shows their ex-girlfriend that they have moved on with his life. If your ex-boyfriend haven't had any dates, it probably means he still thinks he has a chance with you. Do not get high hopes just based on this. know the rules to win him back.

It can also mean a lot of things. It may mean he doesn't want a relationship or it didn't bother him when you left him. You need at least one more sign to be sure if he still loves you.

4-Is Your Ex-Boyfriend Asking Around For You?

If a friend of you or someone in your family tells you that your ex-boyfriend asked about you the other day, then it means he is not over you. He doesn't have courage to talk to you but he really wants to know more about your life. It can give you a clue about his feelings.

If you want to be sure if he loves you, all you have to do to face him. You don't have to call him, even a bumping into him on the street would do the work. If he gets excited, that means he still has strong feelings for you. If you want to know if your ex-boyfriend still loves you, ask these questions to yourself.

If you are positive about at least one of the questions, he is still in love with you. He is probably waiting a sign from you. Once you give a signal, he will have the courage to ask you out again.


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